Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Strickland Administration strips Chuck Brown Bail Bonds of the Right Conduct Business

Follow the link and read about the issue from the pen of Eric J Brewer, former mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio. A $40 million business put out of business by the Strickland administration because of inconsistencies during a period when the owner was ill. The inconsistencies were corrected yet two years later the company with its 180 employees is closed.
Can Cleveland and even Ohio afford a $40 million dollar cut, especially in light of what Mr. Strickland has added in the way of jobs and income? It seems he has added very little if anything.
If you'd like to ask the honorable Ted Strickland about this here is how.
This link takes you to Ted Strickland's survey page where you can type in a message:
This previous link takes you to the following page where you can send a note to friends. There is a pre-written note that I changed and sent. Supposedly you can only send to ten folks at a time but I sent to at least twice that many:
If you don't have time and would like a script this is what I said in the survey and in the page to friends:
I was appalled to find that this administration shut down Chuck Brown Sr. This was a 40 million Bail Bonds business. Was this a personal vendetta or an example of using a hatchet instead of a scalpel? Supposedly it was due to administrative inconsistencies that occurred while Mr. Brown was ill and I note corrective measures were put in place once he was well. Dear sir, I would like an accounting from your administration and I will remember this the next time you want my vote. I am also informing people of this through my facebook, MySpace pages and my blog. I will gladly print your views on this once I have them and have them researched.
Respectfully submitted