Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Came Early

I often wake up asking the Lord to give me a witness or an opportunity to help someone.
Today in between morning communion and my Theopoetic readings (  I went to ________ supermarket to get odds and ends for tomorrow, Thanksgiving.

When I walked in a distressed looking lady asked me if I drove.  She had been stranded by whoever gave her a ride to Dave's and she needed to get to East Cleveland.  After I got my odds and ends I got her and started off.
She had to get to the person who had stranded her because her prescription meds were left in the car.  "I am so sick, I feel so bad, I need to get my prescription and go home."  It turns out she is the fiance of one of the cats that works at _______ who I "know" and like very much. He is not that keen on me.
I asked her why she was sick.  "I have ovarian cancer.   I had some removed but it is back.  I am having surgery next week to have everything taken out, God bless you for taking me, God bless you. "
She was having custody issues with her kids and they were possibly spending Thanksgiving with someone who drinks a lot.  I didn't understand because I thought she said the kids were 18 years of age.  I ministered to her and prayed for her the "kids" the over drinker in the name of Jesus.

She said she had a few dollars she could give me.  I explained how I ask God to give me at least one person to minister to, to help in some way everyday and that she was my blessing.  She was my answer to prayer.  She mentioned paying me two or three more times and each time I told her she had already given me something and that she was my answered prayer, my blessing. I don't think she was a Christian or church-goer or "believer."  She was someone God loves though.

I told her how good God is.  As i was driving her home I inadvertently told her of an issue I was going through and she said, "Oh ok, good, you prayed for me and I will pray for you."  I hope she does but whether she does or doesn't isn't God faithful?  Isn't God good?  He used me to answer her desperate prayer to get home.  I don't know how many folks she had asked to take her home.  More than a few.  In the midst of my misery God's Spirit sprang forth and took my eyes off of me and blessed somebody.
I believe she will be much, much better on the other side of surgery than had I not prayed for her.  And now God may use me to bless the finance.
Seems like such a little thing but I am thankful and overwhelmed at God's goodness.
Bless his Holy name.  Bless his Holy name.  Have ya ever been there? Overwhelmed by life and stranded with seemingly no help on the horizon. Call on Jesus.
Praise God he causes it to rain on the just and unjust alike.  God answers prayer.  God is love.