Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We live in a nation of wussies. That’s right, self absorbed wussies at that.
I’m sick and tired of aggressive attacks in the guise of Politically Correctness (PC.) No prayer in school because of separation of church and state, no Jesus at Christmas so Mr. Agnostic doesn’t get his feelings hurt and feel left out, oh yeah and how about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” so Mr. Homophobe can keep his head up his atrophied surreal world vision of the “good ole days”, etc?
However, I am sicker of those that buy into it.
For instance; Christians want the right to say “Merry Christmas, have Christmas parties be called Christmas parties, take their beliefs into the schools and wherever else, keep G/L/T’s (Gay, Lesbian, Transgender) folks (many of whom which are “saved’ and struggling, thank you very much) and so on and so forth. They should maybe have those rights according to this world system in America, (and yes I realize apostle Paul exercised his right as a Roman citizen) but we are not of this world so…

‘Splain this to me:
Why would a Christian want to go to a “Christmas” party at work or anywhere that was not centered on Christ with people who don’t give a flip about Christ? It should be called a “holiday party!” Why would a Christian want total strangers to agree …”Merry Christmas!!”? Neither of these two things are particularly good evangelical or proselytizing tools. Hit me back if you’ve had anyone fall one their knees and accept Christ because you or someone else said… “Merry Christmas!” Believe me, this is not sewing seed! It is self-centeredness. When I was a child I worked for Harlan Diamond (Owner of Executive Caterers, Beachwood, OH). Every year I would say “Merry Christmas” and every year he gave me a quizzical look. One year it hit me, “he’s Jewish!!” What an opportunity to engage in conversation AND find out about Hanukkah and Judaism, the roots of Christianity. As you know we as Christians are many times less than bastard Ishmael to Jews but we ain’t got nothin’ but love for ‘em. It’s all in the family, na’meen?


Anonymous said...

I agree somewhat. What do you mean when you say "all in the family?" Anyone that does not accept Christ as Savior is not in the family of God. You make it sound like that is not the case.

heckrazer said...

You are absolutely right theologically. This was a tongue in cheek statement because early Christians were Jews. Paul complicates things and to me suggests that true Jews are true believers when he says, "a Jew is not a Jew that is one outwardly, but a Jew is a Jew that is one inwardly."
Romans 2:28