Sunday, March 01, 2015

Weeping Jesus Strikes Again!

These poor people in Mumbai and probably all over the world are mislead flocking to a statue of Jesus in Mumbai purportedly weeping.  So often religion is at odds with truth and physical evidence.  Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.  Of course it doesn't mean just widows and orphans but at the time and in the place this was written these two groups held the most helpless of society; I doubt that it is much different in 2013.
All organizations be they churches, temples, mosques, social service agencies or governments are oganizations that work against the good of human kind out of human and organizational nature.  The number one "instinct" of organizations (which I believe the U.S. and most of the world consider a legal person) and people is self preservation.  
Once a church forms we must realize, the church it self must acknowledge that it puts its existence and comfort ahead of worshipping (upholding) the Life, the Way, the Truth. In keeping with this the church in Mumbai upon being proved wrong about the miracle weeping statue sued Sanal Edamaruku the bringer of bad tidings who had to flee the country to Finland to maintain his freedom.  The church will drop the charges if Edamaruku apologizes.
Governments put self preservation ahead of the common good of the people en mass that they serve.
It is up to all individuals to see this and realize individuals do the same thing.  Once we realize this we can balance it against our actions on behalf of others.  Next step the more we realize that we are all one then we find ourselves being holistically healthy so as to benefit others.  Then we will see that a huge part of our own self preservation, happiness and wholeness hinges on giving, loving and meeting the needs of others.  We will see we have needs that others need to fill. 

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heldenlehrer said...

This is a very interesting thought. What comes to mind is Jesus telling his followers they would have to abandon their lives in order to gain maybe the Church as a whole can do that. I'm not saying the Church needs to die necessarily, but I think it would be healthy for the Christian establishment to let go of its own life. People in the Church (DEFINITELY the case for Episcopalians) are way too worried about trends of decline in attendance, and so that becomes the focus, implicitly or explicitly - "we gotta get more numbers!" Meanwhile our people are hungry and we do not feed them, our people are in prison and we do not visit them, our people are naked and we do not clothe them...and so we march wholeheartedly into sin (a big one) because we won't let the grain of wheat die so that it can be transformed and grow.