Friday, November 04, 2005

remembering Larry Glover

Larry Glover

Larry Glover was a tireless jazz promoter, historian, theologian, drummer and friend. He died a few years ago of a heart attack. It was a shock to many. I wondered out loud why Larry never "made it big". He told me he didn't want to and that the travel wasn't worthy. He affected the lives of many including probbably thousands of youths over the years in person and through the many jazz and music programs he created and instituted. I think his favorite program was "Instruments for Kids." This program supplied instruments and music lessons for kids that could afford neither. As long time president of the (Northeast Ohio Jazz Society (NOJS) Larry contributed much the jazz community and the world. Go to Services or hit the link in the sentence above (programs) to see some of those things. On these pages and all of the links to the left of these pages you can hear original music by Larry and Jazz pianist/ educator Doug Dostal. One of the things I miss about Larry is how I could never mention an album or musician he didn't know about. I would go to the library and find an obscure jazz album or recording and be so excited about my new discovery. I would call Larry and give him the initial info... Name of the album and who the main cat was and inevitably Larry, who had a photographic memory, would finish my sentence. I would read the album liner as he told me what I was listening to when and where it was recorded and many times tell me what the cover looked like and the entire history. It became this game of trying to find something about jazz he didn't know. I was never able to do it. What fun and passion in this world no longer. But his memory and legacy lives on and on.


Kris Corall said...

As someone who loved Larry Glover very much and who had known him for over 20 years, I want to thank you for bringing this enigmatic man to light again in your blog.

His death in June 2004 continues to effect me deeply (I miss him every day!). So when I saw his face and read your words of tribute to him, my heart sang and my soul was comforted.

Thanks again for helping his legacy live on!

Kris "Taylor" Corall

Anonymous said...

Hi Cav,

I wanted to post a entry to the blog but under the conditions it said that a person may be charged for services. I didn't want to get any future charges, but if I were to write an entry here it is:

Larry was a fantastic advocate for the unsung heroes...Cleveland Jazz Musicians. I had the honor of working with Larry on many occasions and I am honored to say that he was not only a wonderfully talented musician, but a great friend. He was one of the first to tell me that he believed in my talent and always made an effort to include me in musical performances, as well as fund raising adventures!! When you worked on an event with Larry he made sure that he told you a million times how thankful he was for your help. No one will love the Cleveland Jazz Musicians as much as Larry Glover.

Debbie Gifford
International Jazz Vocalist

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping his legacy alive. I too think of him as a friend who taught me so much about jazz and gave me the opportunity to play with him on several ocassions.... like many other people, I miss him.

Take care and good luck in all your endeavors.


Beetlejuice said...

Thanks Cavana

ra washington said...

yes.yes. i have truly enjoyed reading your blog. its honest, clear and insightful, and it makes me miss you all the more. good journey.