Tuesday, November 22, 2005

X Box 360 Do Whatcha Gotta Do to Get One!

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"Rob a liqour store if you have but can your hands on one and don't let go because this machine is incredible," read one of the customer reviews today.

This morning @ 8am. on the news a Black couple in their late 40's stood in line. It turns out that the wife had been in line since 5pm last night to get the new X Box 360. Was this for that child in their lives that would be sorely disappointed if he or she didn't get one of the very first toys out of the store? Well sort of. It was for her husband who had joined her a bit earlier this morning. "I love my man and if you love 'im you do anythang for im..."

Yeah but....

I will never hear "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" the same ever again!

The woman newscaster said she heard a rumor that Lebron James had purchased 15 of the 40 available in Cleveland. "he knew somebody who knew somebody" the newscasters joked. I could care less about X Box but I was pissed about that. It was like the time this cat won Indians tickets on WMJI 105.7 radio and the DJ chided with, "well ya could at least act happy!" because the winner sounded less than enthusiatic. It have been he was overwhelmed or hadn't yet sipped his first cup of coffee. All I could think though was, "What! We can't buy tickets at the gate or elsewhere because your station and other companies bought them up before they were available and he's supposed to thank you for making him quack like a duck or whatever to get some tickets!!?" This is not even taking into account the time spent to be the 10th caller.

But I digress.

The first time I heard of this kind of materialist lunacy was was in the 80's with the marketing of theCabbage Patch the Cabbage Patch craze produced several fist fights across the country between customers who once again waited in line all night to get them. Now with X Box more will be out later this year. I can understand Microsoft creating this atmosphere but I probably don't understand the reasons most of these "suckers" have who go out and stand in line all night and maybe even resort to fisticuffs.

However, to show I'm not necessarily a snob nor am I above this sort of thing I present:

The Some Things I Would Stand in Line All Night for:

A dinner date with any of the following; Smith Wigglesworth, Madonna, Muhammed Ali, Laurie Anderson , Bono and U2 , Pres. Jimmy Carter, Pres. Bubba, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara , Thurgood Marshall, Harriet Beecher Stowe , and the guy healed at the gate called beautiful ... did he ever get a job? MLK (I won't put anymore dead people or impossible things)

To hear/see

the USA apologize to us Black folk for slavery with the same regret that the USA apologized to Japanese who were U.S. citizens for their short internment during WWII. March 25, 1998
U. S. President Clinton expressed regret for the American role in African slavery. By the way, i'm not proud, I'll take my 40 acres and a mule plus interest.

See the very last racist be laid to rest.... O.K. this is the last impossible thing, promise. Perhaps he or she should be preserved in an action figure pose and displayed in a history museum in his or her hometown. It would boost the local economy. May as well get some use out of it!

Hear President Bush do stand-up comedy and explain the axis of evil comment.. what were you thinkin' boy!?

Take a ride in a space ship. Bungy Jump, ride a great wooden roller coaster. Drive a race car in the Indy 500, dive in a submarine. Join the mile high club in a C141 flying a hyperbola.

Go to another world series of Rock at Jacobs field. the old ones were at the old Cleveland Stadium.

to get a limited edition scrabble game. to get a Romare Bearden painitng, Jasper Johns and others.

What are some things you would stand in line for? Did you stand in line for X Box? Why?

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