Monday, November 14, 2005

WOW! for Steve B. Smith & Kathy Ireland Walker-Smith

Now I bow
at how God
a pow so loud
to make love
to vow
against all odds
cotton candy cloud
to accumulate cumulus y'all.
you weather the yeow
of this world
tethered together.
in-dao-ed with each other.
I'm WOWED, speechless
and proud
to glow from you
to see something old
made new
and something new
made wise
before my eyes.
I'm speech less- now.
Just future eyes for you
praying happy
surprises due.

a blessing for you
God bless you both in the next step of your Christened, Christ sent precious, prescient, , journey.
May nothing separate you. You were two. Now you are one. Now you can only be separated into she says/he says pieces. Don't let it happen.
Advice if I may be so bold:
Don't let the sun set on your anger. Remember BOTH of you, having your way ain't all that.
What you see now is what you get.
Finally, don't pray for patience unless you want trials.

sbsmith wrote:
Kathy Walker - now known as Kathy Ireland Smith - and Steven B. Smith will marry January 2006. As soon as possible after ArtCrimes #21 is published May 2006 (this will be my final ArtCrimes issue), we sell our possessions and move to Europe to live. We will write, give readings and have adventures. Before we leave, there will be many readings, gatherings, parties, partings, and sharings of our amazing fairly tale love. May all you know such joy in your lives.

Those who’ve asked about the rings we wear – I gave her my dead mom’s ring, we got a pawn shop ring for me, and pledged each to each our fidelity and love. We are mated for life. January is merely the legalization of our is.

go thee, and suffer less
the church of not quite so much pain & suffering
the irreverend smith presiding

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